Each year, our arborists hear several stories from homeowners who themselves have gotten hurt or know someone who has gotten hurt or killed attempting to do this kind of work. Your life is worth more than saving a couple bucks, call a professional!


We offer different levels of tree removal to choose from:

  • Removal with no clean-up: We safely cut the tree to the ground at all times keeping safety and property preservation in mind. In cases of larger trees, upon customer request, we can cut the limbs and logs into any size requested. Word of caution, make sure you have lots of help because they are always bigger when they are on the ground.
  • Removal with brush chipping only: With this option, we will chip and haul away all limbs so that our customers are not burdened with the task of trying to dispose of them. Logs and small rakings are left to the customer. Again, logs can be cut to any size to suit the customer.
  • Removal of all brush, logs, and debris: Our crews will do a first rate job cleaning up the debris generated from the removal process. Stumps will be cut as close to ground level as possible or where the roots flare into the soil.
  • Stump removal: can rid your yard of nuisance stumps without excavating a large area. Our stump grinders grind out the core stump and (if needed) the area around the stump to include any mounding or surface roots. We have two grinders, a large tow behind machine to handle large stumps and a smaller self-propelled machine to get to stumps that are located in more confined spaces.